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Columns & booms
Column & Boom  Welding Manipulators  CB Mat xx-xx
Dedicated for circular, longitudinal and helicoidally automated welding of tubes and vessels with diameters up to 5 m and length up to 4 m.
The processes that can be implemented are: Plasma, TIG, MIG, SAW
Materials that can be welded are all weldable materials like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel a.o.


Technical Specifications:
-   Working dimensions:    
                                   vertical travel: maximum 5.000mm
                                   horizontal travel: maximim 4.000 mm
-   Vertical travel speed: 1.000 - 2.000 mm/min (fixed)
-   Horizontal travel speed range:  25 - 2.500…5.000 mm/min  (adjustable)
-   Programmed positioning precision: +0,3 mm (With option HMI Control Panel )
-   Manual operated slides on traverse and vertical direction: stroke 200 mm
-   360° manual turning with four 90° indexing positions and blocking brake for any position
-   Extended boom  load capacity: 150 kg


-   Rigid laminated profiles column and boom execution.
-   High precision induction hardened, and grinded longitudinal guides
-   Roller chain vertical drive, with blocking security system in case of chain breaking
-   Rack and pinion horizontal drive, with the possibility of closed loop position precise control (option Control Panel))
-   Remote control for positioning movements
-   - 90°; 0°; +90° slides positioning

-   Motorized slides
-   Carriage for longitudinal manual/motorized movement of the column on longitudinal rail
-   AVC automated distance control for TIG and Plasma processes
-   Touch screen, industrial PLC equipped Control Panel with up to 66 memory locations for programmable boom movement and storing the welding parameters:
   - Welding start and end point
   - Welding speed (boom speed precision +1%)
   - Delays for arc start and crater fill
   - Adjustable backing gas pre and post flow time
   - Cold wire speed (with Cold Wire Feeder Unit option)
   - Oscillation parameters (with Oscillator option)
   - Teach in or direct data typing programming
   - Rotating positioner control for programming a helicoidall  welding for      
     cladding ,hard surfacing, shafts repair (angular speed, rotation degrees,
     turning of rotator interpolated with horizontal boom movement), (with
     Welding Rotating Positioner option)
   - Ethernet board for internet diagnose.
-   Cold Wire Feeder Unit for TIG process
-   Wire Positioning Unit
-   Oscillator,  + 40 mm stroke (with Control Panel option)
-   Flux Hopper for SAW process
-   Flux Recovery System for SAW process
-   Automated Seam Tracking System (with probe)   
-   Video monitoring system
-   Laser spot
-   Welding Rotating Positioner w/wo servomotor
-   Turning Rolls w/wo servomotor
-   Welding Equipment

Input requirements:
-   Electrical: 230Vac, 50/60Hz, 1KW
(other input supplies upon request)