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Competitiveness, efficiency, reliability
For 20 years we have conducted our work in accordance with these principles in order to offer you the best products and services.

Are you welding or cutting metals, do you want to automatise these processes, do you have welding and cutting jobs you want to outsource?

Maticom will work with you to find the best solution for each specific application with low prices and high efficiency.

We are proud to have respected, worldwide market-leading companies among our partners.

We can offer a complete range of products and services, from project planning / development of tehnologies to complete assemblies or tailor made machines that are manufactured in our company and are matched to your needs and your production lines.

 We understand the importance of reliable production, regularity of supply and speed of servicing. According to these considerations, we have selected our suppliers, employees and partners.

Maticom can be your partner for a long-term cooperation and next to us you can build your wealth!